How do I configure my pop up blocker to allow to see the video or picture?

Most pop-up blocker software will block you from using the the pop-up window. These applications include the Google Toolbar, Panicware, Norton Internet Security, the SBC browser, and new versions of Netscape and AOL. There are several ways to work around this software:

Add It only launch the music video player. You will not see any ads by adding that URLs.

Make sure your pop-up blocker is set to medium. If the pop-up blocker is set on high, it will block the pop-up player.

The video launched but there is no sound or video?  This is depend on your internet connection, Some files are big so it would more than couple minutes to download.

If you are having problems playing the videos (i.e. only sound and no video, etc.)...then you are probably missing the right codec. Download this codec pack here and it should solve any problems you might be having.

If you have problems, please contact the company that you purchased or downloaded the pop-up blocker software from and let them know you would like to view content on Music and pictures but their software is not allowing you. Their customer service should assist you.


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