Givin' 'Em Hell and Heaven: Conversations With Joe Satriani and Sebastian Bach - by Mike Ragogna. Apr 24 2014 from

Guitar giant Joe Satriani on making strange beautiful music and jamming with Mick Jagger - by Mike Mettler. Apr 24 2014 from

Interview: Joe Satriani | Hangar 19 Radio - Apr 24 2014 from

The Unexpected Entrepreneur: One-on-One With Joe Satriani - by Jeff Haden. Apr 22 2014 from

Joe Satriani: Outside the Box - by Michael Ross. Apr 15 2014 from

That Metal Gear: Joe Satriani – Hear How He Tries To Keep Moving Forward As A Guitarist! - by Ben Smith. Apr 10 2014 from

Joe Satriani talks The Complete Studio Recordings album by album - by Joe Bosso. Apr 08 2014 from

Joe Satriani’s 'Chrome Dome': The Shiniest Part of a New Career Retrospective - by Roy Trakin. Apr 06 2014 from

Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum | - by Pamela Ashton. Oct 13 2013 from

Metal 411 interview with Joe Satriani - by Casebeer. Oct 11 2013 from

Joe Satriani on His New Solo Album and Hanging Out With Mick Jagger - by Matt Wardlaw. Oct 11 2013 from

Curing the Subjunctive Disease: An Interview With Joe Satriani - by Justin Stokes. Oct 7 2013 from

Joe Satriani: A Force of ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ - by Marshall Ward. Oct 3 2013 from

Direct Energy: The Joe Satriani Interview - by Bill Kopp. Sep 20 2013 from

Joe Satriani Discusses His Approach to Composition — and How Every Song Remains a Work in Progress - by Alison Richter . Sep 18 2013 from

Joe Satriani: “Ultimately, the fans gift you your career" - Sep 17 2013 from

Joe Satriani Unstoppable Momentum - An organic-sounding set of performances! - by Robert Cavuoto. Aug 28 2013 from

Find out what Joe thinks is his strongest asset and some background into the tracks on Unstoppable Momentum - by Leslie Michele Derrough. Aug 26 2013 from

Joe Satriani on his upcoming Unstoppable Momentum US tour - by Joe Bosso. Aug 18 2013 from

Joe Satriani Lets His Imagination and Fingers Run Wild on New Album, 'Unstoppable Momentum' - by Alan di Perna. May 28 2013 from

Interview: Joe Satriani: The Reluctant Perfectionist - by Stephen Humphries. May 2013 from

Interview: Joe Satriani - Gravitational Melodies - by Adam Perlmutter. May 2013 from

Joe Satriani Discusses New Album, His Sister's Record Collection + the Night Led Zeppelin's Stage Collapsed - by Chris Epting. Apr 17 2013 from

Joe Satriani talks about band chemistry on his upcoming album, Unstoppable Momentum - by Joe Bosso. Mar 21 2013 from

Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien 25th Anniversary - by Redbeard. Dec 2012 from

Interview: Joe Satriani on Chickenfoot covering Deep Purple's Highway Star  by Joe Bosso, Aug 31, 2012 from

All-Star Gear: Joe Satriani's Black Dog Ibanez guitar  by Joe Bosso, Aug 17, 2012 from

Joe Satriani Interview - Satchuarated: Live in Montreal  May 17, 2012 from

FEEDBACK: Joe Satriani of Chickenfoot  May 17, 2012 from

Satriani is 'Satchuarated' with emotional intensity  Apr 26, 2012 from

Interview: Joe Satriani talks about his new Satchurated 3D concert film  - by Joe Bosso. Jan 30, 2012 from

Joe Satriani discusses a new guitar playing technique  - by Joe Bosso. Dec 21, 2011 from

Chickenfoot: For the Birds - by Joe Charupakorn. Dec 2011 from

Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony on Chickenfoot's Road Test tour - by Joe Bosso. Nov 17, 2011 from

Joe Satriani’s New 3-D Concert Movie To Be Screened Internationally - by Bryan Reesman on Oct.27, 2011 from

Joe Satriani Interview With Danny Gill Oct 2011 from Guitar Interactive Magazine

Joe Satriani on Chickenfoot III: new album preview  - by Joe Bosso. Sep 5, 2011 from

Exclusive interview: Joe Satriani on recording Chickenfoot's new album  Mar 15, 2011 from

Exclusive videos: guitars, FX, soundcheck/backstage interview - by Joe Bosso. Dec 14, 2010

Joe Satriani - return of the Guitar Wizard - Sep 28, 2010 Interview by Luke Oram

Joe Satriani Talks Solo Album, New Chickenfoot Songs, Politics - May 29, 2010 Interview by Bryan Reesman

Joe Satriani talks new Chickenfoot and solo albums  - by Joe Bosso. Mar 5, 2010 from

Satriani: Chickenfoot 'Started Writing & Recording For Second Album' - Interview by Robert Gray
Apr 17, 2010 from

Joe Satriani: 'I Could See Chickenfoot Recording Three To Four Albums' - Interview by Robert Gray
Apr 2009 from

Joe Satriani Interview - Vox Pedals  Apr 2009 from

Chickenfoot: world-exclusive podcast interview  Apr 2009 from

Joe Satriani: 'It's Nice In A Way Being An Obscure Musician'  Nov 2008 from

G3: Joe Satriani: 'There Is Nothing Stopping G3'  Jan 2007 from

Surfing with Satch: The Joe Satriani interview by Matt Pinson - June 2006 from

Satch is back! - Rahul Shrivastava interview with Joe Satriani - June 2006 from

Interview with Joe Satriani by Taisija P. Štupar  May 26, 2006 from

Joe Satriani Interview by Brian D. Holland  May 18, 2006

Satriani's signature sound knows no limits - April 7, 2006 from
by Ian Spelling - Special to the record

Joe Satriani: Time Moves On -  March 15, 2006 from

The Rediff Interview / Joe Satriani -  May 13, 2005

Interview With Joe Satriani from Kim Jones -  October 7, 2004

Ibanez interview with Joe Satriani

Joe MP3 interview with Jay and The Doctor on TripleJ Radio (Australia) - "The doctor trades licks with guitar legend Joe Satriani." From Mar 18 '05

Joe interview with the BBC - "Pioneering guitar player, Joe Satriani, speaks to Rahul Shrivastava about his current tour, life as a music teacher, where his inspiration comes from, and what it was like to join a full-time rock band..."

Musician's Friend's Exclusive In-Depth Interview with Joe Satriani - By Musician's Friends

Exclusive Outtakes from the April 2004 Guitar Player Interview with the Legendary Joe Satriani - Interview by Michael Molenda

Satch - urated! An interwiew with Joe Satriani - Interview by Lisa Sharken

Strange Beautiful Music - Interview by

Joe Interview w/ - very brief interview with Joe during the 2002 Strange Beautiful Tour with Dream Theater and King's X.

Press Clippings - A list of press clippings. This may come back and migrate into Joe's section in the Band/Crew area of the new site.

Getting Some Strange Joe Satriani Kisses and Tells - By Adam St. James at

Fire Up Your Engines Joe Satriani, The Master of creation, Strikes again - By Adam St. James at

Ranting and Raving Joe Satriani's Quest for Evolution - By Adam St. James at

Twentieth Century Guitar Magazine - Interview by Steve Adelson

Guitar World Interview with Joe Satriani - Interview By Alan DiPerna

Joe on TechTV - This is a link to the TechTV Screen Savers program that Joe visited May 21, 2002. TechTV provides a Windows Media stream of his segment where he talks about his use of computers and the Internet.

MusicToyz Chat Transcript - A transcript for a chat with Joe from 2000.

More interview on Audio and Videos available on Media section.

This is a growing list of the latest Interview on Joe. If you have spotted coverage (online of traditional) that is not listed here, please email details to



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