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Thu Aug 9, 2007 From www.epicrecords.com/joesatriani

"Surfing With The Alien" is twenty years young, so, let's celebrate! I can't think of a better way than to get up and play the record. top to bottom... and maybe a few more songs for fun. We're throwing three parties in three cities, and you're invited! Please come and help us surf with the alien!!! - Joe

Wed August 15 Blender Theater at Gramercy New York, NY US

Thu August 16 House Of Blues Chicago, IL US

Fri August 17 The Roxy Los Angeles, CA US


Get An Autographed Booklet!
Order Joe Satriani's special edition of "Surfing With The Alien" now and for a limited time and while supplies last, get an AUTOGRAPHED booklet with your order!

For More on Joe Satriani visit:


Tue Aug 7, 2007 From www.satriani.com

Online Fan Newsletter vol 5, issue 5 2007 August 7

Mon July 16, 2007 From www.satriani.com

"Surfing With The Alien" is twenty years young, so, let's celebrate!
I can't think of a better way than to get up and play the record.
top to bottom... and maybe a few more songs for fun. We're throwing four parties in four cities, and you're invited! Please come and help us surf with the alien!!!


Mon July 18, 2007 From www.satriani.com

Online Fan Newsletter vol 5, issue 3 2007 July 15
Online Fan Newsletter vol 5, issue 4 2007 July 18

Thu July 12, 2007 From www.satriani.com

20th Anniversary Box Set
Remastered album, never-before-seen 1988 live show from Montreux Jazz Festival, new liner note by Joe and other memoriabilia from Joe's personal archive - AUG 7th release!

20th Anniversary Tour
Joe plays the Surfing album in its entirely + select fan favorites for 3 exclusive dates in intimate venues.

Contest + Promotions
A number of special contest and promitions are coming where you can win prize packages + more!

20th Anniversary Tour Dates
Aug 15 - Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY
Aug 16 - House Of Blues - Chicago, IL
Aug 17 - Roxy Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

$35/ea, Limit 2 tix per order.

Plus EXCLUSIVE San Francisco Show
ON AUG 18, Joe will perform in the studio where Surfing was recorded. Through a contest (details to be announced) 20 LUCKY FANS will be invited to attend. Stay tuned to SATRIANI.COM for more details.


20th anniversary edition of classic guitar album coming.
Wed May 16
, 2007 From http://music.ign.com/
By IGN Muisc

May 15, 2007 - Joe Satriani's genre busting instrumental guitar surge Surfing with the Alien will receive the full monty 20th Anniversary Edition treatment come August 7th, 2007.

Epic/Legacy Recordings will be releasing an expanded two-CD set that will include a newly remastered version of the classic 1987 album plus a bonus DVD featuring Satriani's 1988 Montreux Jazz Festival performance.

Satriani himself is still amazed that the album was even given the greenlight twenty years ago and has gone on record saying as much: "We really thought it would be the last album that anyone would let us make. We were doing something that was just so unpopular. A blend of rock and blues and jazz and techno and film music, played as guitar instrumentals? No one really understood it."

Surfing with the Alien, which was originally released in October 1987 via Relativity Records was not only the album that put Satriani on the map, but it was the first guitar instrumental album to ever crack the Billboard 200 charts.

Surfing with the Alien: 20th Anniversary Edition Disc One: The Album

This portion of the 20th Anniversary edition of Surfing with the Alien contains the original ten-track album, newly remastered by Joe Satriani and original album co-producer John Cuniberti, at The Plant Studios in Sausalito, California.

1. Surfing with the Alien
2. Ice 9
3. Crushing Day
4. Always With Me, Always With You
5. Satch Boogie
6. Hill of the Skull
7. Circles
8. Lords of Karma
9. Midnight
10. Echo

Disc 2: Live at Montreux (previously unreleased)

The second disc of the 20th Anniversary edition of Surfing with the Alien features a never-before-seen live show that captures Joe Satriani performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 14, 1988 during the bombastic Surfing with the Alien tour. off as powerfully on DVD as it did for us on stage that night."

1. Ice 9
2. Memories
3. Midnight
4. Rubina
5. Circles
6. Lords of Karma
7. S.T.U.
8. Echo
9. Hordes of Locusts
10. Always With Me, Always With You
11. Satch Boogie


Guitar heros Gillbert, Petrucci Join Satriani on his lastest G3
Fri Mar 30
, 2007 From http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com
By Kristi Singer For The Sun News

Each year multiplatinum-selling guitarist Joe "Satch" Satriani picks two other guitar bigwigs to join him on the G3 tour, a living legacy of guitar gods.

Satriani's legacy is long and impressive. He established himself in the San Francisco music scene during the 1980s as a guitar teacher to pupils such as Steve Vai, Charlie Hunter, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Larry LaLonde (Primus) and David Bryson (Counting Crows). He's sold more than 10 million albums and DVDs worldwide since releasing his debut solo album, "Surfing With the Alien" in 1987.

Satriani has toured with Mick Jagger and Deep Purple and has been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards.

Kicks! caught up with Satriani for a phone interview from his hotel room in Cincinnati to chat about the evolution of G3:

Question | How is the G3 tour going so far this time around?

Answer | The tour's going great. We've been out for a little more than a week. This tour, right from the very first jam - it just really took off.

Q. | What can fans expect from the show?

A. | It's got this sort of high fun energy to it that the other G3s maybe didn't have as much of. Sometimes they're more serious, more musical or more theatrical. This one seems to be more fun. There's just an interesting chemistry between Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and myself - just reacting to our musical roots and the audience this time around, you never know how those things turn out. But it's been really great, so we're feeling good.

Q. | So this is a guitar lover's dream show?

A. | I guess that's a good way to put it.

Q. | Can you explain the evolution of G3?

A. | In a nutshell, I can tell you that I started G3 11 years ago, and it's been 12 years that we've been working on it. It took me and my managers a year to convince everyone that it was a good idea, and they should take the chance to do the first one, mainly because the industry keeps people who do the same thing away from each other. It's like one of the key rules in show business. We had this contrary idea that we should get lead guitar players together on stage and forget about the competition and the comparisons and try to make it a really exciting event artistically between players so they could share. And of course we knew that the audience would love to see it.

Since then, we've done 11 or 12 different G3s. We've had a whole range of players with us.

This season, we're starting off with Paul Gilbert who played with Razor X and Mr. Big, and they're still huge in Japan, they're like superstars there.

Q. | What criteria do you have when choosing the other G3 guitarists?

A. | I try to find players that I think are going to have chemistry between them. Sometimes you find people who are extremely different to see what happens when they get together. Other times you might try to find as many similarities in their style as possible. There really isn't a set sort of way to do it. I've just been following my artistic feeling about the whole thing.

Of course, I need guys who are very professional. They have to be very secure in their own musical world because I'm asking them to stand right next to two other professional players and trade licks. So they have to be fearless performers.

I think what we're looking for is people who are unique and who can bring to the stage something that the other guys can't. Maybe they have one, two or three things that are so unique to their musicianship that are worth highlighting and showing as a unique attribute to the show.


Wed Mar 26, 2007 From www.nashvillecitypaper.com
By Ron Wynn, rwynn@nashvillecitypaper.com

Guitarist Joe Satriani never thought about stardom when he began recording in the late ’80s.

“I actually thought I was going to be a full-time guitar teacher, because I knew absolutely nothing about the music business and didn’t really think that what I wanted to play would be considered commercial,” he said. “Actually, I really didn’t approach music in that way and still don’t today.”

Yet Satriani has become one of the world’s best-selling (and technically formidable) guitarists, indeed one of the most successful instrumentalists in rock and pop music history. Despite appealing to a limited audience by specializing in solos that involve an array of intricate effects that are delivered in blistering fashion, the guitarist has sold more than 10 million albums and received 14 Grammy nominations.

Satriani is also a pioneer in the touring arena, having created the G3 tour in 1996. This year’s event, which co-stars fellow guitarists John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert, comes to The Ryman Auditorium Tuesday night (8 p.m., 116 Fifth Ave. N., $35, $45, $55, 889-3060) and Satriani acknowledges it’s been an interesting challenge keeping the tour going through the years.

“For one thing you’ve got to always be conscious, when you’re choosing other participants, about personalities and whether you can work with people over a lengthy period of dates and appearances,” Satriani said. “One thing we’ve shown over the years is audiences will come out to support instrumental music. That was one of the things that I used to hear when it (the tour) started, that other than guitar freaks, we wouldn’t have any people in the seats. Of course today it’s become a lot bigger and we do more publicity and outreach than the earlier days. Still, it’s sometimes a matter of luck in terms of getting the people you want. We’re extremely happy this year that Paul was finally available to join us full time. And now that he’s joined John and myself, I think G3 will really be a fantastic experience this time out.”

As a teen, Joe Satriani’s introduction to the music world came from the jazz end. He studied music at age 14 with reclusive (and notoriously demanding) pianist Lennie Tristano and guitarist Billy Bauer. After moving from his native New York to California in 1978, Satriani became famous as an instructor.

Over the years, some famous pupils have included Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, Third Eye Blind’s Kevin Cadogan, Charlie Hunter, Primus’ Larry LaLonde and longtime friend and former G3 participant Steve Vai.

Satriani’s 1986 debut Not of This Earth and other releases such as Surfing with the Alien (arguably his most popular date) as well as Dreaming #11, Flying in a Blue Dream and Time Machine established the artist’s popularity, even as they differentiated him from the rock norm.

“I never really thought about making hits or doing singles, just playing as well as I could and doing compositions that weren’t cliché or predictable,” Satriani said, laughing. “That didn’t always work out so well with the label marketing people. They were never quite sure what to call a lot of what I was doing, and then the people in the record stores didn’t always know where to put the albums. They’d wonder about the use of science fiction, television shows and literary references (songs such as “Borg Sex,” “Ice 9” from the Vonnegut novel Cat’s Cradle), and sometimes speculate whether I was getting too experimental or esoteric. But the audience never seemed to have that problem. I remember when Surfing became a hit, there were label people that were shocked. I’ve been a little surprised myself that it’s still so popular today, especially internationally.”

Though he’s also done plenty of all-star session work, especially an acclaimed stint in Deep Purple during the band’s 1993 Japanese tour, Satriani prefers either G3 or solo dates to group appearances. Another area where he marvels at changes is technology, where constant changes and updates are now the rule rather than the exception.

“There was a time when even the most hardcore guitar fan couldn’t really keep track of everything happening in the field,” Satriani said. “But now, people come up to me at concerts and ask detailed questions about picks, tuning, strings, brands, everything. We pretty much planned a lot of the tour by computer, e-mailing each other about songs, venues and dates. The whole focus on gear has also gotten more extensive, and there’s so much more attention paid to it now than ever.”

His most recent releases include Super Colossal and Satriani Live!, a two-disc CD/DVD set recorded at the Grove in Anaheim, Calif., plus more guest appearances on Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillian’s solo CD/DVD release Gillian’s Inn. Several Satriani compositions are also included in the video game series NASCAR 06: Total Team Control and his “Summer Song” is part of the individual game Gran Turismo 4.

“I think what you’re seeing today in terms of the music business is a disconnect between the business and the consumer,” Satriani said. “The impact of downloading, while significant, hardly explains all the problems. What’s increasingly happened is that the fans found other ways to get the music they wanted, and now the industry as a whole has to find a way to deal with that. The explosion of satellite and Internet radio, plus iTunes and all the other sites show there’s no lack of interest in music. What has happened is that the marketplace has grown and changed, something not everyone in the business understands or has been willing to change with it.”


Wed Mar 21, 2007 From www.satriani.com


Thu Feb 22, 2007 From www.satriani.com

Online Fan Newsletter vol 5, issue 2 2007 Febuary 22

Sat Jan 27, 2007 From www.satriani.com

Online Fan Newsletter vol 5, issue 1 2007 January 27

Thu Jan 25, 2007 From http://www.satriani.com/G3/

Celebrated Tour Continues with Three Legendary Players This Spring

(Los Angeles, CA) -- The 2007 incarnation of Joe Satriani's popular G3 tour will kick off on March 14th in Phoenix starring SATRIANI, JOHN PETRUCCI and PAUL GILBERT. The tour will play selected dates in North America throughout March and April. The starting tour itinerary follows with more dates TBA shortly.

The 2007 tour marks the 5th North American G3 run and the 12th G3 tour worldwide since its inception. The first G3 tour, featuring Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, played to sold-out crowds throughout October and November, 1996 and was followed by successful treks in Europe, South America, Japan and Australia. The most recent North American G3 tour, in 2003, showcased Satriani, Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen and was documented in the platinum DVD G3 Live in Denver. Other platinum DVD's include the 1996 run and the 2005 Japanese tour with Vai and Petrucci.

JOE SATRIANI has been a worldwide guitar hero since his 1986 breakthrough album, Surfing With The Alien. Over 10-million albums and CD's later, in addition to 13 Grammy nominations including this year for his latest studio release Super Colossal, Joe continues to push the envelope of modern rock guitar playing. In October 2006, Satriani released Satriani Live!, as both a double audio CD and double DVD package. In addition to breathtaking, nine-camera footage of Satriani and his band tearing it up for more than two hours at their Anaheim stop during this year's Super Colossal tour, Satriani Live! captures them backstage and onstage on the last stop of that trek, with comments from fellow guitar legend Eric Johnson, candid moments with members of Joe's band and crew, and one amazing surprise unleashed by the audience that night in San Francisco.

Joe's G3 cohorts, JOHN PETRUCCI and PAULGILBERT, are each recognized as brilliant players - both as soloists and within the bands they are known by. John is the founding member and lead guitarist for Dream Theater, recording eight albums with the band, including their sophomore effort, 1992's Images and Words. The album proved to be a breakthrough commercial success as the song "Pull Me Under" became a surprise hit on both MTV and rock radio. John is also involved in several side projects including Liquid Tension Experiment with Tony Levin, Age of Impact and even a Sega Saturn game called Necronomicon. In 2005, John was involved in three releases. A solo album, Suspended Animation, Octavarium with Dream Theatre and he was included on the G3 Live in Tokyo CD and DVD.

Paul first became known for his work with Racer X and went on to platinum success with Mr. Big who topped the pop charts in 1992 with the ballad "To Be with You." Mr. Big disbanded in 1996, and a year later Gilbert made his solo debut with King of Clubs; Flying Dog followed in 1998, trailed by Beehive Live in 1999, Alligator Farm in fall 2000 and Get Out Of My Yard in August 2006.

A recent poll of the Top 100 Greatest Rock Guitarists ranked SATRIANI at # 7, PETRUCCI at # 11 and GILBERT at #14.

SATRIANI stated simply, "I can't wait to hit the stage with John and Paul, they are two of the scariest, most amazing players I've ever heard!"

Continuing with the same successful formula as in years past, fans will be treated to individual sets by each guitarist with their own bands before joining Satriani and his band on stage for an all-star jam session. As with previous G3 tours, special guest guitarists will be invited to join the jam at select dates around the country. Past guests have included Neal Schon, Gary Hoey, George Lynch, Billy Gibbons, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robert Fripp and Brian May.



Wed Jan 24, 2007 From www.musiciansfriend.com/

Joe Satriani VIP Concert Sweepstakes

If you win the Grand Prize you and a friend will be on your way to see Joe Satriani and his band live in concert! Joe Satriani is by any measure one of today’s leading guitar wizards, and this is your chance to see this guitar player’s guitar player at the height of his powers at a venue and date to be announced soon.

Musician’s Friend will provide your travel, lodging, meals, and premium concert seating for this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. You’ll even get a chance to hang with "Satch" and his band after the show in a meet-and-greet session! Enter early and enter often to increase your chances of winning!

The Grand Prizewinner will also take home a Peavey JSX Mini Colossal Guitar Amp (Retail Value $499.99). The Grand Prize has an approximate total cash value of $2,500.

Joe Satriani is more than just another extraordinary guitarist-he’s also a respected and influential guitar teacher and a musical collaborator of the first order. He created major waves in the ’90s tearing it up around the country with his extremely talented band of longtime companions. He has also toured the world with a revolving cast of some of the world’s other premier exponents of the electric guitar, including John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Adrian Legg, Robert Fripp, Yngwie Malmsteen, and others as the famous "G3" project. Check out www.satriani.com for the latest dope on Joe’s current tour schedule and his blistering new Satriani Live double DVD/CD release.

The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Wednesday, April 25, 2007. You’re automatically entered every time you place an order with Musician’s Friend between January 16, 2007 and April 15, 2007. No purchase is necessary to enter, see official rules for details.

Enter Sweepstakes


Wed Jan 10, 2007 From www.ultimate-guitar.com

G3: Joe Satriani: 'There Is Nothing Stopping G3'  By Joe Matera

Wed Dec 20, 2006 From www.satriani.com

Joe is up for a Grammy again this year for "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" (for solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, without vocals. Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Singles or Tracks only.)

Here's who he is up against:

Chun Li's Flying Bird Kick
Arctic Monkeys

The Wizard Turns On...
The Flaming Lips
Track from: At War With The Mystics

Black Hole Sun
Peter Frampton

David Gilmour
Track from: On An Island

Super Colossal
Joe Satriani
Track from: Super Colossal

Also, Joe makes an appearance in the new Christopher Guest (and company) film "For Your Consideration". He is the cheeky guitarist in the Late Night Show band, there's a close up, the whole lasts about 20 seconds. The scene revolves around Ms Hack's ( Maureen O'Hara) first TV appearance after undergoing some cosmetic surgery...


Sat Dec 2, 2006 From www.satriani.com

Online Fan Newsletter vol 4, issue 11 2006 December 1

Tue Nov 14, 2006 From www.satriani.com

Please go direct to http://www.satriani.com/2004/discography/Satriani_Live/contest.shtml for more details


Fri, Nov 3, 2006 from epicrecords.com/joesatriani

Epic Online Fan Newsletter Fri, 3 Nov 2006


Tue Oct 3, 2006 From www.satriani.com
Satriani LIVE! Cover SATRIANI LIVE!  (worldwide release date oct 31, 2006)
A double-live DVD & CD, recorded live at the Grove in Anaheim, CA May 3 2006. The DVD release includes a treasure trove of bonus footage (see below).

As the release date gets closer we'll be doing a number of promotional contests and sneak peaks at the DVD, so check back mid-October!

PREORDER IT NOW // Amazon: DVD or CD // Sony Store: DVD or CD

DVD Track Listing

Disc One
1. Flying In A Blue Dream
2. The Extremist
3. Redshift Riders
4. Cool #9
5. A Cool New Way
6. Satch Boogie
7. Super Colossal
8. Just Like Lightnin'
9. Ice 9
10. One Robot's Dream
11. Ten Words
12. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
13. The Meaning of Love
14. Made of Tears
15. Circles
16. Always With Me, Always With You
17. Surfing With The Alien
18. Crowd Chant
19. Summer Song

Bonus Features:
The Tour Rehearsal
In The Studio Recording "Crowd Chant"
The Last US Show
Super Colossal Video

Disc Two (All Bonus Features)
Indian Documentary: "Flying In A Blue Dream"
2006 Tour Podcasts #1 - #4
European Tour Slide show

CD Track Listing

Disc One
1. Flying In A Blue Dream
2. The Extremist
3. Redshift Riders
4. Cool #9
5. A Cool New Way
6. Satch Boogie
7. Super Colossal
8. Just Like Lightnin'
9. Ice 9
10. One Robot's Dream

Disc Two
1. Ten Words
2. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
3. The Meaning of Love
4. Made of Tears
5. Circles
6. Always With Me, Always With You
7. Surfing With The Alien
8. Crowd Chant
9. Summer Song





Thu Sep 28, 2006

For those of you who miss out Joe on Rockline last night, now is available here for everyone :}
Joe Satriani on Rockline Sep 27, 2006:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Thanks to Joe, Bob and everyone at rocklineradio.com

Wed Sep 27, 2006 From www.rocklineradio.com
As usual, Joe Satriani has absolutely nothing going on, lol. Not only is the magnanimous Satch lending his services to help Cliff Cultreri, his friend in need, he also has a couple of other projects in the works. Joe has a new live DVD/CD forthcoming and has recently announced two new legs of the long running G3 concert series. We are saddened to hear that Cliff, the famed A&R guru from Relativity Records, is in poor health. Cliff was responsible for taking a chance on Joe and virtually all the other artists who got their first big breaks on Relativity. Joe and the legendary Steve Vai are teaming up with an impressive list of artists for a benefit concert to take place at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA on September 30th. This benefit concert and auction can only help the venerable Cultreri. Full information regarding this and all things Joe is at Satriani.com

In addition, we are pleased to pass the word that Joe will team with Eric Johnson and John Petrucci for a series of G3 concerts in Latin America this October and with Masters Vai and Petrucci for dates in November and December in Australia.

Hopefully, some of those shows will be dutifully filmed for the rest of the world to enjoy at a later date. Regardless, we are about to be graced with the DVD and CD release of Joe's most recent performances. ROCKLINE is in possession of an advance copy of the CD featuring nineteen of Satch's finest, recorded on eleven with no prisoners taken and plenty of asses kicked. Not only are many of his revered classic songs included, his list of staples continues to grow with a well chosen selection of newer songs from his most recent studio release, "Super Colossal".

Join us for the legendary Joe Satriani as we continue our series with the world's greatest Rock guitarists, exclusively on ROCKLINE!


Wed Sep 27, 2006 From www.antimusic.com

(Epic) Joe Satriani, having raised the bar on guitar playing and brought supreme musicianship back to rock & roll, is about to make history once again. Scheduled to drop on October 31, the double-DVD package Satriani Live! takes multiple journeys into the essence of creativity and unprecedented access into one artist's world.

In addition to breathtaking, nine-camera footage of Satriani, rhythm guitarist Galen Henson, bassist Dave Larue, and drummer Jeff Campitelli tearing it up for more than two hours at their Anaheim stop during this year's Super Colossal tour, Satriani Live! captures them backstage and onstage on the last stop of that trek, with comments from fellow guitar legend Eric Johnson, candid moments with members of Joe's band and crew, and one amazing surprise unleashed by the audience that night in San Francisco.

Audio from HDNet's state-of-the-art production of the Anaheim show will be released in a double-CD package under the same title, Satriani Live!, on the same date of October 31.


Wed Sep 20, 2006 From www.satriani.com

We are doing a few special packages to help raise money for cliff through the benefit show. Check out the two below if you want to help out the cause, plus see a great show and meet the guys :}

We are selling 6 reserved tix at the table (not available to the public) + after show passes on Craigslist for $2000. There are 2 tables available.

There also is an auction for reserved table for 6 in the VIP balcony + photoshow meet & greet.


Wed Sep 6, 2006 From www.satriani.com

A special note from Cliff about the benefit show (a reply to people who've asked how they can help).

If you are unable to attend the show but would still like to help Cliff and his family, donations may be made by check (NO CHECK IS TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE) and can be sent to the following address:

KOCH Entertainment 22 Harbor Park Drive Port Washington, New York 11050 Attn: Nancy Young

Please make all checks payable to: Patricia Cultreri

All of us at KOCH Entertainment express our gratitude to all of you who can find it in your heart to support this worthy cause.


Mon Sep 4, 2006 From foreverjoe.com

Hey Satch fans, I just added few videos of guitar lesson. Check them out!


Mon Sep 4, 2006 From www.satriani.com

Online Fan Newsletter vol 4, issue 9 2006 September 4

Sat Sep 2, 2006 From www.satriani.com

The G3 Australia platinum packages are now available for purchase - grab 'em while they're hot!
http://www.fanfire.com/artistName=Joe+Satriani&categoryName=Tickets&sourceCode=J SAWEB


Mon Aug 21, 2006 From www.satriani.com

The first batch of G3 dates has just come in and covers show in Latin America with Joe, John Petrucci, and Eric Johnson. We'll post further details on the online pre-sales as soon as they are available. Check it all out over the road section


Friday, August 18, 2006

Here's some previous interviews of Joe just added:

Joe Satriani on Rockline. March 15, 2006:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Joe Satriani on Rockline. April 21, 2004:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Joe Satriani on Rockline. June 10, 2002:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Winstar Radio Services interview with Joe Satriani - April 3, 2000
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Joe Satriani - House Of Blue Radio Hour - April 1994:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Joe Satriani off the record special - Nov 1992:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Special Thanks to Tracie Safley for sharing these files!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  July 14, 2006  From www.satriani.com



(Los Angeles, CA) Legendary guitarists JOE SATRIANI and STEVE VAI announce plans for a benefit concert for music industry veteran and friend, Cliff Cultreri. "The Cliff Show" will take place on Saturday, September 30th at the House Of Blues, Hollywood, and will feature performances by both Satriani and Vai, as well as special guests to be announced.

Cliff Cultreri is the A&R executive who "discovered' both Satriani and Vai as well as many other popular recording artists, while working at Relativity Records. Cultreri is currently suffering from a host of Auto-Immune and Connective-Tissue disorders that are attacking his immune system, a one in 100 million occurrence that causes severe pain and physical problems. Satriani and Vai hope to raise funds to help Cultreri and his family's financial needs.

Cultreri is currently VP of A&R at Koch Entertainment where he has worked with such artists as RZA, B.G., Turk, Ying Yang Twins, Corrupt, Death Row, Big Gip & Good Mob, Master P, and many others. During his years in the industry, Cultreri has served as A&R for a number of top names, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Billy Sheehan & Talas, Peter Frampton, Megadeth, Corrosion Of Conformity, Exodus, Anthrax, Death, Venom, Slash's Snakepit, Cradle Of Filth, Godflesh, Our Lady Peace, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Modern English, Gene Loves Jezebel, Fat Joe, Common, Bone Thugs N Harmony, 3-6 Mafia, KRS 1, Beatnuts, C Murder, Kurupt, Soulja Slim, RZA, and many others in all genres of music. In addition, he has received 18 Grammy nominations, 13 Gold and 14 Platinum and Multi-Platinum awards for albums on which he was the executive producer, co-producer or A&R. He won Grammy's for "Song of the Year" and "Album of the Year" with Bone Thugs 'N Harmony for which he served as A&R.

Promotional Poster

"Cliff has been a musical force and guiding light in my career and my life for 2 decades. He introduced and championed my music to the music business. He is a dear friend and musical ally and quite the guitar player himself," said Satriani. "Steve and I wanted to help Cliff and the idea of a show in LA with other members of the guitar community seemed to be the obvious way to celebrate and help him."

Tickets prices will be set at $100 and are set to go on sale August 12th Limited number of $75 tickets will be available August 9th through www.satriani.com and www.vai.com

Thursday, August 03, 2006 From www.mpeguk.com

Cool #9, The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, Satch Boogie fimed live at Birmingham Symphony Hall in England.
Pete Caldwell's Introduction to Joe Satriani's Birmingham Symphony Hall Concert.
G-TV's Pete Caldwell's Interview with Joe Satriani.


Thursday, August 03, 2006 From www.satriani.com

August '06 Newsletter (Msg from Joe, Podcast #3 and more!)
Online Fan Newsletter vol 4, issue 8 2006 August 1

Thursday, July 20, 2006 From www.satriani.com

Joe is featured on the cover of the september issue of guitar one. pick up a copy at your local news stand once it hits the streets! info will also show up on


Sunday, July 16, 2006 From www.planet-waves.com

Planet Waves Introduces new leather JS series straps

Guitar legend Joe Satriani wants to hang with you while you play. Actually, he wants his artwork to hang on you, and it will with two new additions to the Planet Waves JS Strap and pick line.

Featuring the original artwork from the virtuoso player, the two new straps will be genuine, high-quality leather. Strong, attractive border stitching and two JS sketches make these straps a memorable work. Metallic foil adds flash and shimmer to top off the look featuring Joe's designs "Gray Man" and "Frog Man."

The new leather straps join five premium JS Series straps 50mm tubular nylon with leather ends and JS Series picks launched at Winter NAMM 2006. Every detail of each strap and pick has been approved by Satriani, who also endorses Planet Waves cables exclusively.

"Joe Satriani is not only a guitar legend, he's also an artistic wonder," said Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager for D'Addario. "This is a perfect marriage of his musical and artistic talents, and we are proud to have him in the family."

For more information, visit their web site at www.planet-waves.com


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